Fuckin' Sharks, Bro

by Fuckin' Sharks, Bro

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FSB I (Fuckin’ Sharks, Bro): The year is 2034. Evil mechanized sharks have destroyed two thirds of the already weakened human population in under one month and the remaining third has been subjugated and enslaved by these evil super-creatures. The mastermind behind this is none other than Dr. Dave Lewis, the former journalist who turned to evil science after a disfiguring motorcycle accident. The human race is terrified and powerless over these biomechanical beasts who fly about freely bearing jetpacks, eye patches, and automatic weapons.

FSB II (The Ballad of James and Charlotte): The year is 2006. These are simpler times. Fall flowers bloom, young lovers ride their bicycles in the park, and children frolic in the green grass. Sometimes the humans of 2034 remember these days before the sharks came, and though the past was not without conflict or sadness, the contrast makes it seem beyond ideal. Under the watchful eye of the sharks, many humans dream of these days.

FSB III (The Ballad of Dave Lewis): The year is 2027. Dave Lewis is released from the hospital after many months of recovering from a horrific motorcycle accident. For some reason he vows to conquer the world and make humanity suffer. He begins work on the sharks, using funds acquired from lawsuits, bank robberies, and well thought-out investments. He slowly refines his monsters, cloning parts of his own brain to guide them, giving them the ability to breathe outside of water, providing them with various machinery to aid in the execution of the doctor’s conquest, and making them EVIL. The human race has already been weakened by over a dozen years of hardship, yet continues to thrive. Once the sharks are ready (all 4,000,000 of them) human kind will have little chance.

FSB IV (Its On! Like Donkey Kong!): The year is 2040. After 6 years of enslavement by the sharks and utter misery, humanity has organized itself in a clandestine manner and is ready to take on the sharks. Using weapons either built from primitive components or found in abandoned military bases and homes, humanity engages in an epic battle with Dr. Lewis’ evil sharks. Who will prevail? Could this be the end of the human race?

FSB V (Peace): The year is 2042…


released January 25, 2009



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